Saturday, June 11, 2011

To do list for this summer

There are always lots of things I want to do when summervacation is finally there, but when it's time to take action I can't remember much of it. So therefore I've made this list.

1. Make homemade lemon ice (Done)
2. Adding nice articles and pictures to my scrapbook (Done)
3. Read a good book (Done)
4. Relaxing in a hammock (Done)
5. Go to the beach (Done, several times :D)
6. Continuing with my recipe scrapbook (Not that much, but Done)
7. Have a stroll in the forest (Also Done)
8. Have dinner in the garden, BBQ (Done)
9. Be creative (Done)
10. Work in the garden, grow my own vegetables (Done)
11. Try out new recipes for which I don't have time while studying (Done)
12. Make a CD/playlist with summer music (Not Done)

How does your list look like?

XOXO Bambi

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