Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Now that I have published (almost) all of 2011 that I hadn't published yet, only one thing left:
I wish you all a very happy 2012!!

Next year I hope to show to you (a.o.): the scarf shown here (almost finished), an update of my hexagon plaid (not almost finished) and the sheep I started ('Floortje het Schaap' from Christel Krukkert) which is going very well.

XOXO Bambi

Other 2011

Finally the other things and projects over 2011:

Room decoration
  I didn't know where to keep my lemon. I really like lemons, but do not use them that much. So it has lived in this spoon for quite a while :). Looks nice, doesn't it?

Lovely lunches
Last year, I went for a stroll in a park nearby. They do have a very cute tea cottage were they serve lunch. Here we had a sandwich with serrano ham, olives, parmezan cheese, sundried tomatoes, lettuce and truffel oil. It was really delicious, so we made it again several times during the summer :).

Also during summer, I went to the beach with some friends and we had lunch there. This time with goat cheese, rucola, honey and pine seeds. Also really delicious and worth repeating.

This painting I made after this flowers :).
 Also this summer we decided to give making a mosaic a go. No picure of the result yet, but it was really easy and fun to do :).

Since my mum has a lot of purple clothes, she wanted to have a purple necklace. Because she couldn't find one in the shops, we made one.
(Picture will probably follow ;))
From this clay session, we had some leftovers, from which I also made beads. I didn't know what to do with them, but eventually they turned into this key chain :).

XOXO Bambi

Flowers 2011

Continuing the things and projects over 2011 that I did not yet show, the flowers:
  These (both up and down) are from my parents' garden :).
This one I used as an inspiration source for my painting (shown here).

 These are bought at a flower stand near the road. Dahlias and sunflowers, I really love the combination of flowers and colors!

XOXO Bambi

Friday, December 30, 2011

Cakes 2011

These are the things and projects over 2011 that I did not yet show. I'll do that now so I can start 2012 fresh. To start with the cakes:

First of all, I graduated for my BSc this year! This called for (lots of) cake :). The image on the cake is drawn by myself in the style of Blond Amsterdam. I had it printed on a frosty sheet at 'de leukste taarten'.
And I got flowers of course :).
I never had worked with fondant before so we tried it out on this cake:

I myself do really like this one, especially since it was the first one ever!

XOXO Bambi

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas

I know it's too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but  I do hope you all did have a very Merry Christmas.
(On the door a lovely Christmas wreath made by my mum)

This year I again made mincepies, and also this year they didn't last very long :).
Almost ready for 2012!
XOXO Bambi

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scarf 2

After my first scarf was finished I decided to start another one since this is going much faster than my plaid :). I found the idea here and the pattern here. It's not yet finished, but it is going well :).

This one is also really fun to do and also not that difficult :). However it takes a bit more time than the previous one...

XOXO Bambi


As You know I'm working on a plaid. Well my patience is over, so I decided to start a smaller project. And it's finished already :).

It's a purple scarf! Nice for the cold weather these days (catched a cold already!).

 I found the pattern here.

Have a nice weekend!
XOXO Bambi

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Summer treasures

Last summer vacation I went to the recycling shop with my mom. Here the treasures I found! (Pictures say more than words ;)).

 I hope to make an applepie in the cake tin when I have time left, unfortunately I didn't had time for it yet...

This little cute saucer now lives on my nightstand and holds some of my jewelry.

XOXO Bambi

Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday gift

 I know it has been a while since I posted, I'm sorry. I'm very busy with my study. Fortunately it is weekend now :).
Sunday I'm attending a birthday party and what's a party without gifts, right? So I made this cupcake package for a girlfriend (she doesn't know I'm blogging, so it's safe to show here ;)). And as always with gifts, it's not only about what's inside but also about how it looks :).

The presents
The result :) (I will make a better photograph when the sun is up again)

I hope she likes it ;). Have a good weekend!

XOXO Bambi

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend again!

After a very busy week it's finally weekend again. To celebrate weekend I bought some scented candles (rose scent), for a relaxed atmosphere.
(By the way, the pink cushion on the couch was one of my summer projects of which I did'nt show anything yet! I'm sorry!)

To release my stress I had to be creative, so I made this little owl (after a pattern of Matawi's crea's) and a little sock for my mobile fone.

This little one already has a friend, but since I don't have eye's for her yet, there's no picture ;).

Weekend Isn't over yet, so enjoy!

XOXO Bambi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hexagon update

A while ago I told you that I was going to add dark blue to my hexagons. Now I'm going to show the result of this :). I'm happy with the blue, it makes it more powerful I think.

As you can see, It's far from finished, but it's growing!

XOXO Bambi

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend break

Finally it's weekend!!!! Since it was the first weekend after college started again, I was in for a treat. So to start the weekend properly I made muffins yesterday evening. This is how they turned out :). So far four down one to go ;).
XOXO Bambi

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer in the Garden

The sun is shining and the garden of my parents looks great! It's summervacation at last!!!
And, also seen above, I finally "own" a Phlox!! I've been a huge fan of this plant for quite a long time and now finally we have one :). However, I don't have a garden so my mom decided to adopt a Phlox from the local garden center for in her garden.
Enjoy your summer!

XOXO Bambi


Last summer, I started to crochet a plaid. With a pattern found here, I made my first hexagons. Since it was the first time ever I tried to crochet, when the plaid proceeded I wasn't able to stick to the pattern that good. However I'm still very satisfied with the hexagons I've already made.

Here are some close ups. As you can see, there not yet connected to each other. This is because I wanted to be able to add more colours later on. And last week I finally found dark blue in the shop, so I'm adding that now.

I already have over hundred hexagons but it is far from being finished ;).

XOXO Bambi

Saturday, June 11, 2011

To do list for this summer

There are always lots of things I want to do when summervacation is finally there, but when it's time to take action I can't remember much of it. So therefore I've made this list.

1. Make homemade lemon ice (Done)
2. Adding nice articles and pictures to my scrapbook (Done)
3. Read a good book (Done)
4. Relaxing in a hammock (Done)
5. Go to the beach (Done, several times :D)
6. Continuing with my recipe scrapbook (Not that much, but Done)
7. Have a stroll in the forest (Also Done)
8. Have dinner in the garden, BBQ (Done)
9. Be creative (Done)
10. Work in the garden, grow my own vegetables (Done)
11. Try out new recipes for which I don't have time while studying (Done)
12. Make a CD/playlist with summer music (Not Done)

How does your list look like?

XOXO Bambi

Currently making me happy

With summer almost there and very nice spring weather, this really makes me happy to see and taste.

what makes you craving for summer?

XOXO Bambi

Monday, May 30, 2011

23th Birthdaycake

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 23th birthday. My friends were coming over and I wanted to have a homemade birthday cake. Unfortunately my oven and I haven't got used to each other yet (he's new here ;)), so I decided to go with a mixture for in the fridge.

Everything was in the package, except for a tin, and ofcourse I don't have one myself... So I made one from an old pizza box.

When that little problem was solved the fun could begin.

And the result:
I was very satisfied with the result, especially since it was so easy to make. And with chocolate you never can go wrong ;),

XOXO Bambi